Research Ideas from Library Media Specialists

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This Wiki page is from the Harambee Library. Each 5th grade student created their own page writing down their favorite things. They also learned how to insert pictures as well. I like the idea because it gives the students a beginning of how to use a Wiki and what it can be used for. The 1st grade class did word clouds (kind of like Wordle) and placed them on the Wiki. I think it is a great start but I hope they use it for further use and not just leave it at the basic level.

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This school's library Wiki page drew from their Social Studies department for National History Day. The librarian created a page for the social studies department for the students to go to for support and how to research and write papers. It gives the overview of the project and even the rubric. It seems well organized and detailed. If I were a student, I would use this for my personal use.

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I really like this page for science teachers and students. It has great sites for all areas of the department. There were podcasts, slides shows and interviews for things to do in Southern California as well. I would implement some of the free materials on my Wiki under a science section. There are many wonderful components to this site.